Welcome to iCastify

This site is created in flask, the mp3 music is streamed from a docker container and the video streams are also created in a docker container. If you want to stream your own content use one of the 4 iCastify channels or send an email to icastify@gmail.com This site is working but still under construction. For live streaming iCastify1 can be used. Use rtmp://icastify.com/stream and stream key icastify1

Why iCastify

Wouldn't it be nice to hear your own music on the Internet? iCastify enables you to stream your mixes, for the entire world to hear.

Mixes and live streaming

At iCastify you’ll only hear the best Techno - Electro House - DubStep - Dance - Hardstyle - Progressive and a lot of other EDM mixes. It is also possible to stream your live show. If you’d like to hear your own mix on iCastify and want to stream your live show, just send an email to icastify@gmail.com

Register Now

If you register you get weekly an update about this site. You also get informed about new mp3 streams and in the future a chatbox is available for registered users.


24 hours a day the best EDM mixes on www.icastify.com